PoleArt 2013 / 5th Annual International Pole Dance Competition / September 14 / Savoy Theatre / Helsinki / Finland
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Manifest of Pole Art

Manifest of Pole Art

Held annually in Northern Europe since 2009, Pole Art has been a tour de force much exceeding its initial objective: to provide an alternative and innovative forum for pole dance.

Emphasising expressiveness and originality while toning down sports-like competitiveness, the heart of Pole Art has always been the showcase, a stage space exempt from virtually all rules, emerging fresh ideas and unexpected takes on pole dance every year.

Pole Art is less than an event, it is more like the experimental laboratory or echo of the rapid development of a new movement. The joint creativity and effort of an avalanche of dancers from all over the globe.

Welcome to the eclectic display of an emerging form of contemporary stage art.

Tanja Suni
Aerial Dancing

Nelle Swan
North Pole Studio

Event information for POLE ART 2013

Date: September 14
Place: Savoy Theatre, Helsinki, Finland
Categories: Showcase, Male competative series, Female competative series
Prizes: 1000 Euro for Male/Female champions respectively, 400 Euro for each runner-up
Tickets: Purchase here

Main sponsors of POLE ART 2013

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